Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation.
(Bob Iger)

Creativity coupled with innovation accelerates change.   At NextGen we are celebrating our nineteenth year in business, and what began as a small startup is now a multimillion enterprise focused on international initiatives.  In that spirit, we have expanded our capabilities and services with an additional office at the T-REX building located in downtown St. Louis, a venue supporting the startup community and contributing to the economic development of St. Louis.  It is our new home base for our NextGen team dedicated to our firm’s global presence and interests. 

The T-REX community is emblematic of St. Louis’s growing reputation as a surprising new hub for tech.  Such an environment mirrors our own spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation and is ideal for us as a center to accelerate our CHAMBA project.  CHAMBA, a division of NextGen Information Services, offers integrated solutions which connect business, technology, and talent.  The CHAMBA team proactively recruits the best and brightest STEM talent from Mexico, uniting them with companies who are looking for innovators, entrepreneurs, visionaries and true technologists.  With CHAMBA we are bringing highly skilled talent to the United States for short and long term talent engagements.  The program also provides nearshore business outsourcing, which enables companies to optimize their business and development needs in a budget friendly manner.  CHAMBA is not designed to replace US talent, but rather to augment the talent pool while reducing the gap between current demographics and minority groups’ representation in the workforce.   With our CHAMBA initiative, Mexico is serving as our innovation center for emerging talent and business opportunity, plus, it is an attractive nearshore option due to geographic location, time zone, communication skills and cultural affinity.    As one of the country’s largest Hispanic-owned businesses we are also well suited at NextGen to support the Hispanic community in St. Louis and abroad. 
We are excited about this outreach program because CHAMBA is designed to leverage an international talent community which strengthens global communication between businesses and helps to create global citizens who will work to change the future--- today.  It’s all about making connections and integrating talent with business opportunities that will help other companies build their multicultural business partnerships and innovation platform.    
We have always had a strong diversity program, and today we are taking it to the next level as we launch new services that support our multicultural business partnerships.     

With CHAMBA we aspire to infuse the workforce with innovation, ideas, and energy.  Our hope is that by removing the borders, we merge the Americas, thus creating a world-class workforce.

Lori Eaton

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