Thursday, August 14, 2014

NextGen-NextStep Initiative


 “A lot of people resist transition and therefore never allow themselves to enjoy who they are.  Embrace the change, no matter what it is; once you do, you can learn about the new world you’re in and take advantage of it.”  (Nikki Giovanni)

As summer fades and school days return, it’s a time of transition and change.  One of the programs that we have been developing throughout the year is geared toward students making the transition into the workforce.  This August is an appropriate time for us at NextGen to introduce you to our NextGen-NextStep program for recruiting college graduates.  

The NextStep program is designed to help college graduates discover new opportunities, help them make great career choices and support them as they take the first step into building and living their professional dreams.  The NextStep program also means we are finding candidates with unique and contemporary skill sets well suited to many emerging tech organizations, small business and Fortune 500 companies here in St. Louis, as well as in cities that attract college graduates and the millennial generation. 

At our company, we pro-actively and creatively recruit from many of the best universities and technical schools throughout the country.  We go beyond job fairs and understand college recruitment.  We have developed creative and timely outreach strategies and innovative ways to recruit the best of the best talent.  We also know that while many grads may not have tremendous real–world experience our assessments help measure competency, potential, critical reasoning and essential skills relevant to matching great talent with a company’s objectives and corporate culture. 

Part of our program is getting graduates prepared to find a position with assistance in resume writing and interview preparation.  We help get them connected and in front of hiring mangers at great companies all across the US.  At NextGen, we believe that when recruiting new graduates we are looking at potential, so training and mentoring is a key ingredient in our process.   Just as we made a commitment to hiring our veterans through our RAV (Recruit A Veteran) initiative we have made the same commitment with purpose and resources to bring our clients the best talent from a very competitive pool.  Companies will continue to hire graduates and it is in our interest and in theirs to help protect their hiring investment. 

Throughout the years at NextGen, much of our success has been grounded in the fact that we can adapt to the changing needs of our clients amidst the quickly changing world of technology.  Today, more than ever before we have clients looking for candidates with emerging skill sets who can fulfill a project need quite rapidly.  We know first-hand that adding people who are new to the workforce, yet who can work closely with seasoned team members, is a powerful and dynamic mix. 

Whether a company is looking to engage a candidate for information technology, scientific or engineering positions, we at NextGen hire up…that is the best and the brightest…for a creative and contemporary addition to the team.

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