Monday, September 23, 2013

16th Anniversary!

NextGen…We’re celebrating 16 Years of Success…

This year at NextGen has been a time of extraordinary and positive change.  Our growth is not only in numbers but in our expanded staff, programs, services and capabilities.  We have been enjoying our new office staff…a very contemporary mix of people from all walks of life; with Millennial staff members and Baby Boomers, and many in between, working side by side.  This truly has been energizing and enlightening.  We learn from each other and celebrate our differences and similarities. 

We created several new programs this last year and strengthened our capabilities.  We continue to develop our Diversity Works, program, NextDimensions and our We Care Initiative. The Diversity Works program has escalated. With an expanded platform, new clients have been brought on board and we have been able to provide existing clients added endorsement, to help fulfill their diversity objectives.   NextDimensions, developed by our Project Services Division, has been extremely successful with many new and exciting client engagements.  NextDimensions helps bridge the knowledge and talent gap, protect IT investments, promote speed and efficiency and minimize expense.  Our We Care Initiative has literally taken off. With the intent to support business and charity with sponsorship, scholarship and civic responsibility, our company and our team have embraced this opportunity, working to make a difference in the community and in the lives of others.  Since its inception, we have made many new friends as we work to make a positive impact in any way we can.

Throughout this year at NextGen, we cultivated a new brand.  In turn, we gained a unique perspective and learned quite a bit about our firm.  Our approach to new business and long lasting partnerships is adaptable.  Whether sourcing new consultants or developing solutions to age-old problems we are pro-active.  We are Creative.  Our process is one that includes Discovery, as we learn everything we can about our clients and our consultants.  We bring sophisticated solutions to every business challenge in an effort to increase productivity and performance for mutual success.   We are Collaborative.  Our focus is on innovation, information and inspiration.  Staying ahead of new trends in technology and business, our pursuit is excellence, in all we do.  We are Contemporary. 

Throughout this year we learned that in making our work positive and purposeful and in taking on new challenges, we gained new ground, achieved new success.  Most importantly, the emphasis has been on new.  Last year, we introduced the New NextGen.  This year we will continue to embrace all positive change as we work for a better workforce and a better workplace. 

Thank you to all of our friends, colleagues and consultants as we go forward with an exciting future.  We are NextGen.


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