Monday, August 19, 2013

St. Louis…Gateway to Opportunity



St. Louis…Gateway to Opportunity
At a recent conference I was asked to talk about my interest and connection to the Midwest. As a native of St. Louis, I have always had a fondness for what our city provides both professionally and personally, whether you are single or raising a family, sports fan, researcher, tech guru, entrepreneur…looking for new work or changing jobs, the possibilities are endless.  What I’m most excited about is that St. Louis is gaining more and more positive national attention as a surprising hot spot for technology startups and technology jobs.  The industry and the marketplace are growing so rapidly with funding for emerging tech organizations and the demand for highly skilled technical talent. 

In an article from VentureBeat, Aaron Perlut  talks about this surprising phenomena, “…for many years the perception from outside of St. Louis was of a nice, conservative Midwest town, possibly waiting for a rebirth of the industrial revolution. But over the past two-plus years the region’s business and entrepreneurial ecosystem has begun to drastically evolve and flourish. On several fronts, St. Louis is very much becoming a tech town.”  WOW! What great news for everyone and echoed by forecasters in human resources and by the many tech people I talk to everyday.

At NextGen we have had a great year, but as we look forward we know that we can’t rest on our success, but rather build on our history of experience and expertise to take us to the next level in staffing, recruiting and consulting.  We also know that with such growth in St. Louis technology, there is a challenge to close the gap between the skills that companies need to be competitive and the talent needed to fulfill them.  This is widely the case for staffing companies throughout the country, yet at NextGen we have put plans in place to mitigate these challenges.  We work to attract new talent and retain our local consultants by employing creative sourcing techniques and through unique mentoring and training programs. We have bolstered our tenured recruiting team and we have also expanded our network with a diverse talent community from across the globe. Most importantly, we are developing a new kind of business relationship with each of our clients, in an effort to be proactive, plan ahead and help forecast their IT needs for the future with adaptable options.  

This is an exciting time for St. Louis and anyone new to here, will discover that our business community is exceptional in fostering strong business relationships and partnerships. St. Louis attracts talent from all industries, evidenced by our exceptional representation in medical research, education, hospitality and entertainment and of course…sports.  No surprise then that the technology community is exploding. I tell many of our consultants new to the area, that St. Louis is a place of many hidden treasures.  It’s energizing to be a part of this wonderful growth and momentum!

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