Thursday, June 13, 2013

Our Commitment to Innovation

Inspiration + Imagination + Innovation...


I recently have had the opportunity to meet many extraordinary people at work and through networking and volunteering…new faces, new stories… and I have been inspired.  Whether it has been attending a United Way gathering, working the FIRST Robotics Competition, meeting new friends at Lift for Life Academy or making connections at the Professional Women’s Alliance, I have been struck by a commitment to make the world a better place. In making the world a better place, time, energy, effort and financial support are always needed and in actuality, meeting these expectations requires even more. It is my thought, that it is inspiration that leads to imagination.  With imagination, innovation is possible. With innovation comes realization and change. Change to make our world…a better place.

 Without inspiration many of us go through the day, left foot- right foot.  When inspired, we can go forward with passion and our steps of the day, more purposeful.  At NextGen we have been dedicated to innovation in business and technology since our company began in 1997.  In fact, our success depends on it.  Technology changes so quickly and we work every day to keep three steps ahead. 

 As many of you know, St. Louis is coming to the forefront as a hub for technology, new business and an expanded workforce.  This concept and platform is inspiring. This new energy is equally so.  We are excited about these new ventures and thrilled that the Gateway to the West is also a gateway for new and exciting technology, business and work opportunities.  In our industry, we often encounter numerous complexities emerging from this quickly changing high-tech world.  With this, comes the task to find consultants with unique and extraordinary skills sets, a challenge to find, a challenge to place, but we do…every day.  Innovation is the password.

 In my most recent and personal experience, I have met children and teens, business owners and volunteers, colleagues and co-workers, consultants and clients; all who have inspired me with their enthusiasm, confidence, creativity, integrity and dedication.   At NextGen we are dedicated to all and encourage everyone to discover what may inspire you…

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