Friday, March 15, 2013

Celebrating 13 Years with NextGen
Lori Eaton, Vice President
“My Good Fortune…”
Today marks the day that thirteen years ago I joined the NextGen team.  Working first as a recruiter, at NextGen,  I had the opportunity to learn everything I could about Information Technology and what is required when staffing an (IT) position, or project, as well as what candidates are looking for, even when they themselves, were not quite sure.  This can be both challenging and profoundly satisfying when helping someone find a job or make a career move and when helping clients through difficult staffing challenges.
Since then, I have had the opportunity to be an integral part of this dynamic business that helps change business and change lives…for the better.  Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with so many wonderful people. With my bosses, colleagues and coworkers, I have already experienced a “business” ride of a lifetime and with my staff, I have often shared the front seat of the roller coaster, “no hands.”   I have collaborated with many.  I have mentored a few, along the way.   I have learned from all.    

As many of you know, NextGen is a Women Owned and Minority Owned Business Enterprise and we are dedicated to diversity in the workplace. Throughout the years, NextGen has afforded me the opportunity to develop this platform along with my own professional career goals and dreams. As Vice President of the firm, my goal is to pay this forward, striving to cultivate an atmosphere that promotes opportunity and helps make the workplace, better…better for us at NextGen… and for all of our clients and consultants in the field.  As we say at our company, "We are catalysts to change… changing business and changing lives for the better, and We work…for a better workforce and a better workplace…and we pride ourselves on these principles.”  

As part of this mission, we at NextGen have just recently developed the “NextGen… We Care Initiative. ” This program is designed to support charitable organizations and St. Louis businesses and promote civic responsibility, philanthropy and scholarship. This effort encompasses many of the things that I feel most passionate about including my team, my town and my interest in bringing technology opportunities to children, teens and young adults. 

Growing up I dreamed of becoming so many different things. Never would I have guessed that, today, I would be a leading a staff of such bright, spirited and dedicated professionals who, each day, inspire me.  

In the staffing and recruiting industry, 13 years can be considered a lengthy time, given the rigors and stress of the industry.  For me, I am most happy to say that given our company’s growth and development this year, we are truly blessed and yes…the best is yet to come.

Oh…by the way, the number 13 is yes, my anniversary at NextGen and my lucky number.  According to Chinese history and the Mandarin dialect, the digit 1 when positioned in tens sounds like the word 'definite' (shi) in Mandarin and dialects such as Cantonese; while the digit 3 sounds like life, living or birth. As a result, the number 13, which is pronounced as shisan in Mandarin, can mean 'definitely vibrant' or 'assured growth'.

Yes, it’s been my great fortune to have had these wonderful years at NextGen and as I celebrate this anniversary and look to the future I wish you all the same…

Lori Eaton
Vice President
NextGen Information Services, Inc.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

NextGen Does Idiotarod Race Downtown St. Louis

NextGen Enters the Race at Idiotarod 2013
Downtown St. Louis

NextGen staff participated in Downtown St. Louis' 2013 Idiotarod race on March 1. Staff members dressed in awesome costumes from the eighties. NextGen ran two carts with two separate themes: Welcome to Jungle (Bounty Hunters) and Revenge of the Nerds (One Ups). Carts were decorated as a boombox radio and rubix cube. The staff got down and dirty with their creativy decorating their carts using craft supplies like posterboard, spray paint, glitter, and glue.

The team had to visit five checkpoints in the downtown area and compete in five challenges running along the way taking photos and collecting items to throw into their carts for a charity benefit. Idiotarod began at 12 noon at the Old Post Office at 801 Locust St. and ended at 2pm with the finish line at Rosalita's Cantina at 1225 Washington.

Idiotarod was named for an Alaskan dog sledding event where dogs race really fast pulling sleds through the bitter cold. And yes, they actually pulled the carts the same way that the Alaskan dogs do it! The race was a charity event and raised almost $13,000 for Operation Food Search.

NextGen has been making an impact in St. Louis participating in charity events and giving back to the community!