Tuesday, February 26, 2013

NextGen in 2013

Lori Eaton, Vice President
NextGen Information Services

                                      A letter from our Vice President...


NextGen in 2013…

Throughout the years, NextGen has enjoyed tremendous success, in St. Louis and as we grew, more successes throughout the country. Our history and experience as a staffing and recruiting firm has helped us maintain a solid foundation, in spite of trying economic challenges. We were always able to adapt to the changing needs of our clients, and as we continued to do that, learned more, unique ways to source the best and the brightest talent. 

This year, we are celebrating a time of new beginnings for our company. We have created and cultivated a new sourcing division. These new faces at NextGen have provided us with a fresh perspective.  Our new sourcers and recruiters, working along-side seasoned professionals have given NextGen a positive and dynamic intergenerational mix in our office.  This has been inspiring.  We learn from each other, we support each other’s efforts and applaud each other’s achievements.  

Last year we began looking at how we could continue to increase our business, how to become more competitive and more actively involved in the community. Since then, we have pursued exciting changes.  Deciding to stay downtown and support St. Louis business, we moved into our offices with enthusiasm.  We also explored new recruitment processes and developed a new program called NextDimensions. This is a working platform built on integrity and trust, customized for each client, designed to streamline our recruiting process, and ensure that clients and consultants, keep connected for long lasting and successful business partnerships.   

With our new offices, our new people and new capabilities, it was time for a new look too. We have developed a new logo, new corporate colors, a corporate identity program, new website and new collateral materials… our new brand… to mirror the energetic and dynamic company we are today.  

The NextGen We Care Initiative

As part of NextGen’s renewed commitment to community service and in support of a healthy work/life balance, NextGen has developed an exciting new program involving all NextGen employees who donate their time, attention and talent to local charitable organizations as well as a corporate commitment to charities and civic responsibility. It was important to our corporate culture and to individual employees throughout our company. We coined our new approach the “NextGen…We Care Initiative.”   

Since that time we have been actively involved in putting our time and talent in volunteering for various charitable organizations and fund raising.  In addition, we have begun working with new groups and organizations developing new partnerships, scholarships and sponsorships. This is an active corporate decision to support our community and to support the causes and organizations that are employees are passionate about. Some of involvement includes, The United Way of St. Louis, The Muscular Dystrophy Association, The American Red Cross, Adopt a Family, Kingdom House, the Young Women’s Breast Cancer Program, The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, St. Patrick Center, South City Open Studio gallery (SCOSAG) and more. 

In addition,  part of the “NextGen…We care Initiative”  is the company’s commitment in supporting each employee’s efforts in achieving a  healthy and work/life balance as  well as every employee supporting their colleagues and peers through, sometimes, challenging times.

As a company, we are committed to supporting this initiative, and as Vice President of the firm, I am excited to develop this important endeavor as we move forward in 2013.


Lori Eaton

Vice President



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