Wednesday, June 13, 2012

NextGen teams up with Benskin & Hott for GO! Network St. Louis

Working with staffing agencies can be a win-win situation for job-seekers, if done well: workers get resume-strengthening experience, solid income, and networking opportunities in their field of expertise - while companies get qualified employees focused on accomplishing specific objectives without the company getting distracted from its core competencies due to a complicated search for talent.  

On June 12th, 2012, NextGen teamed up with Benskin & Hott Talent Partners for an informative panelpresentation at GO! Network St. Louis, a nonprofit organization that helps St. Louis-area in-transition professionals get the knowledge and connections they need to move forward in their careers. The presenters gave GO! Network members a behind-the-scenes look at their processes, highlighted the benefits of working with staffing firms, shed light on common myths, and offered help in navigating potential pitfalls.  

The panel included Lori Eaton, Vice President of Sales and Recruiting at NextGen Information Services, Jennifer Millich, Senior Executive Search Partner at Benskin & Hott Talent Partners, Kristina Wilson, Recruitment and Sourcing Manager at NextGen Information Services, and was facilitated by Jason Fry, Sourcing Specialist at NextGen Information Services and a former member of GO! Network St. Louis.

Topics that the panelists focused on were:
  • What questions one should ask staffing agencies before partnering with them
  • What recruiters look for in candidates - from resumes to phone interviews - and how to stand out from the crowd
  • How staffing agencies "sell" candidates to client companies and what companies expect from agencies and contractors
  • Common misconceptions, pitfalls, and red flags while working with staffing agencies
  • Q&A with GO! Network members
Check out the video of the panel presentation and if you have any questions about working with staffing and recruiting agencies, contact NextGen or Benskin & Hott. If you're an in-transition professional in the St. Louis, Missouri, area, then check out GO! Network.

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